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Princess fares

Princess fares


Our cruise fares overview

Simply book your Princess cruise with the package that suits your preferences.
In addition to our normal standard fare, Princess Plus & Princess Premier offer a particularly large added value of included services.


Daily rate
(includes all rates without Princess Plus & Princess Premier)
Bookable online

- no extras
- Princess dining
- Accommodations & Entertainment
- MedallionClass Experience

Daily rate book now online!



Fare with Princess Plus
Bookable online
Over 50% savings as a package

- Princess Dining
- Accommodations & Entertainment
- MedallionClass Experience
- Plus beverage package (drinks up to $15 per glass)
- Wi-Fi included (1 device per guest)
- Gratuities (Crew Appreciation)
- Unlimited juice bar
- Premium desserts (2 per day)
- Fitness classes ( 2 per cruise)
- 2x meals in the casual restaurants*
- OceanNow - order at any location*
- RoomService - order to your cabin*

Price: 60 USD per person per day

Princess Plus Conditions

Book fare with Princess Plus online now!


Fare with Princess Premier
Bookable on request
Over 65% savings as a package

- Princess Dining
- Accommodation & Entertainment
- MedallionClass Experience
- Premier beverage package (drinks up to $20 per glass)
- Wi-Fi included (4 devices per guest)
- Gratuities (Crew Appreciation)
- Unlimited juice bar
- Premium Desserts (unlimited)
- Fitness Class ( unlimited)
- Photo Package ( digital unlimited & three printed)
- Princess Prizes (Sweepstakes) 
- 2 visits to the specialty restaurant 
- Medallion Accessory
- Reserved seats in the theater ( production shows only)
- unlimited dining in casual restaurants*
- OceanNow - order at any location*
- RoomService - order to your cabin*

Price: 80 USD per person per day

Princess Premier Conditions

Book Princess Premier now on request!

* The above inclusive services are valid for bookings for the Princess Plus fare from 14.12.22. When booking the Princess Plus fare before this date, these services are not included, the costs stated for the standard fare will apply

Daily rate

This is the basic fare that includes all the essential Princess® experiences: Accommodations, complimentary dining, entertainment and the MedallionClass experience that makes for a truly effortless and personalized vacation.

Fare with Princess Plus


Our Princess Plus fare offers great discounts on Wi-Fi, drinks, gratuities and more. In total, you save over 50% when you add this package for only 60 USD per day per person.

Single-Device Wi-Fi



We live in a wired world. You can stay connected to whatever you need – social media, email, info, family and friends back home. And thanks to the best Wi-Fi at sea, you can text, share, stream and video chat with ease from any one device.

Crew Appreciation


We make it easy to recognize the crew who takes care of you with pre-paid crew appreciation.


Plus Beverage Package



Our Plus Beverage Package includes the classics: sodas, specialty coffees and teas, cocktails, spirits, wine and beer up to $15 each. Even hot chocolate, water to go, smoothies and an unlimited juice bar. You’ll also enjoy 25% off all bottles of wine. Whatever you want – with tips included!

Premium Desserts


Indulge your sweet tooth each day with two Princess Premium desserts, elaborate confections overflowing with gelato, pastry and candy mixtures that will be available within Gelateria, Swirls or Coffee and Cones.

Fitness Classes


Break a sweat with two included fitness classes from Xponential – from Pure Barre to Yoga Six and Stretch Lab. A great option for staying balanced during your time away!

Casual Dining


Dine out twice at our relaxed sit-down restaurants, like Alfredo’s and Kai Sushi, and popular pop-ups, like Planks and Steamers. Pizza, sushi, BBQ, seafood – what’s not to love?

OceanNow® Delivery


Why want for anything when what you need can come to YOU? Doesn’t matter if it’s something to eat, drink, wear, whatever. Just order and it’ll find you anywhere on board. (At no extra cost.)


Fare with Princess Premier

The best value of all with everything Princess Plus offers and more.
Overall savings of over 65% when you add on this package for only 80 USD per day.


Multi-Device Wi-Fi

Why stop at one device when you can get the best Wi-Fi at sea for four! You don’t have to choose between devices to stream, video chat and post photos with ease. Grab the one you want, and connect with ease.

Crew Appreciation


We know you love our crew, and we do too. This charge is shared among the team behind the service you love, from the ones who know just how you like your coffee to those you never meet. We make it easy to recognize the team that works hard to make your vacation wonderful with pre-paid crew appreciation.

Premier Beverage Package


Our beverage package that’s the best of the best. It includes everything our Plus Beverage Package does (including that unlimited juice bar!) as well as drinks up to $20 each with a premium selection of spirits, cocktails and wine by the glass. You’ll also enjoy 25% off all bottles of wine. If you’re a top shelf kind of person, this is your beverage package.

Specialty Dining


Enjoy two Specialty Dining meals included in Princess Premier! Dine on hand-cut steaks and premium seafood at Crown Grill, handmade pasta at Sabatini’s or the specialties at our other award-winning restaurants. Share meals to remember with your favorite people on a vacation with all the trimmings.

Photo Package


Don’t worry about documenting the highlights of your cruise; leave that to the professionals. As part of this fare, you get unlimited digital images taken by our onboard photographers and three prints of your favorites. There’s only one souvenir that’s priceless – memories.

Princess Prizes


Princess Prizes is your chance to win big prizes on your cruise, everything from new experiences to free cruises. And it’s easy to play. Just open your stateroom door, and watch your door portal to see if you’ve won. Try as many times as you like while the casino is open! You’ll open the door to win prizes you’ll love like wine tasting, Chef’s Table and so much more!

Premium Desserts


The sky (and stomach) is the limit when it comes to our Princess Premium desserts. These tasty concoctions mix gelato, pastry and candy to create something you have to eat to believe. Available within Gelateria, Swirls or Coffee and Cones and unlimited with a Premier package.

Fitness Classes


Nothing beats the way exercise makes you feel. Choose from Xponential Pure Barre, Yoga Six and Stretch Lab classes with more to come. With Princess Premier, there’s no limit, so do as many as you want.

Medallion Accessory


Sure your Medallion device stands alone as an innovation that makes life at sea so effortless. But we’re throwing in something to go with it anyway to make wearing it easier and more stylish.

Reserved Theater Seating


You’ll love the reserved seating section in the Princess Theater! In advance of the production show, just head to this special section, only for guests with Princess Premier℠.

Casual Dining


The fancy places are nice. But sometimes you’re just in the mood for chill yet delicious. Enjoy these restaurants, whether a gastropub, regular pub or pop-up, as many times as you like.

OceanNow® Delivery


Relax, there’s no need to get up. Whatever you want – burger, beer, sunscreen, jacket – will find you wherever you are on the ship. Best of all, you don’t have to pay for delivery!