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  • Mon to Fri: 9 am - 6 pm / Sat 9 am - 1 pm
  • Top sights

    Atsuta Horaiken (あつた蓬莱軒 本店)
    1. Atsuta Horaiken (あつた蓬莱軒 本店)
    2. SKE48 Theater (SKE48劇場)
    3. Atsuta Horai-ken (あつた蓬莱軒)
    4. Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium (名古屋港水族館)
    5. Atsuta Horaiken (あつた蓬莱軒 神宮店)
  • The best restaurants

    Atsuta Horaiken (あつた蓬莱軒 本店)
    1. Atsuta Horaiken (あつた蓬莱軒 本店)
    2. Atsuta Horai-ken (あつた蓬莱軒)
    3. Atsuta Horaiken (あつた蓬莱軒 神宮店)
    5. SOLO PIZZA Napoletana Cesari (ソロ ピッツァ ナポレターナ チェザリ)
  • Popular shopping locations

    生鮮食品館サノヤ 万松寺店
    1. 生鮮食品館サノヤ 万松寺店
    2. Apple Nagoya Sakae (Apple 名古屋栄)
    3. Osu Shopping District (大須商店街)
    4. mont-bell (モンベル 名古屋店)
    5. Junkudo (ジュンク堂書店 名古屋店)

Situated on the Ise Bay on the Japanese island of Honshu, Nagoya is characterized by historic sights and the amenities of a modern city.

Nagoya Castle
The castle was built at the beginning of the 17th century and reconstructed in the 1950s after having been severely damaged during World War II. The golden figures at the roof, the museum and the garden with teahouse are particularly interesting.

TV Tower
The steel lattice tower is 180 meters high and offers a fantastic view of the city from an indoor observation deck at the height of 90 meters and an outdoor balcony 10 meter above.

Atsuta Shrine
The Shinto shrine includes several religious buildings and a treasure hall which houses more than 4000 cultural relics, some of which are displayed in changing exhibitions.